Oakton Academy

Address: 2709 Hunter Mill Road, Oakton, VA 22124 

Telephone: 571-354-7199

Email: oaktonacademy@gmail.com

Oakton Academy provides various aspects of academic enrichment, college admission advice, and standardized testing tutorials. Subjects include AP, PSAT, SAT, Physics, AP Physics, Mathematics (AP Calculus), 4th – 8th Grade English Literature, Advanced Reading, Writing, and Public Speaking; 9th – 12th Grade Critical Reading and Writing.

Oakton Academy aims to train students to become avid readers, advanced writers, confident speakers, and future leaders!

Oakton Academy focuses on parenting. We strongly believe that a healthy, loving, and positive relationship between parents and children is crucial in a students’ development both at a younger age and during their teenage years.

Oakton Academy believes in the 4Ps: being Proactive, being Prepared, being Positive and Persevering. We also believe in the 3Ds: being Dedicated, Determined, and discipline. These will empower any student to succeed in their academic and future professional journey.

“Educating the students who will be leaders for the future” – Harvard Business School 


Senior Advisers:

Professor Chen holds a Ph.D from Wharton Business School, Upenn. He has since taught business in Washington State University, and University of Delaware. He is the Associate Dean and Professor of Business Administration at U. of Delaware. Professor  Chen has coached and guided students in college applications, and essay writings. His students were admitted to top schools (including MIT, Harvard, Upenn, and Stanford). Some of his students graduated with careers in Goldman Sachs and Blackstone, and some got admitted to Stanford Business School, and Upenn Business School. Professor Chen brings more than 25 years research, teaching, and leadership experience to the college application and career development consulting. 

Professor Hoffman 

Dr. Hoffman is Johns Hopkins Advisory Board member. He is a Biopharmaceutical executive with over 20 years experience in development of delivery-enhanced drug product development involving proteins, peptides and nucleic acids; Recognized expert in application of novel drug delivery and central nervous system delivery technologies; Internationally known specialist in lipid, lipid biochemistry, lipid application and lipid based drug delivery.

Specialties: Lipid, polymer and conjugation-based delivery systems; Particle engineering, process miniaturization, nanotechnology and drug targeting; Formulation and delivery technology tracking and competitive intelligence.  Dr. Hoffman holds Ph.D in Biochemistry and Pharmacology; MS in Biochemistry; BS in Chemistry. He is currently a member of the Advisory Committee for Department of Engineering, Johns Hopkins University.

Ms. Estelle graduated from Master of Science in Global Health and Population at the Harvard School of Public Health. Before starting her Master’s, she was teaching 10th grade math at City Year New Orleans. Estelle graduated from the University of Virginia (2015) with distinction as an Echols scholar, majoring in Global Development Studies and Cognitive Science, and minoring in bioethics. She has tutored and coached high school students on SAT, and college application process. 

Ms. Tina is a graduate from Stanford University, and is currently attending Medical School at University of California in San Francisco as MD-PhD candidate.

Ms. Sasha is a Ph.D. student at Medical College of Wisconsin. Sasha received full scholarship from University of Nebraska and graduated with highest honor.

Ms. Huy holds Master Degree with Honor from Harvard University Education Department. She has worked for New York University as Academic Affairs Senior Associate, and Fudan University Business School. Her high education experience includes college admission reviewing and academic research.

Dr. Zheng is the lead in Environmental and Water Resources Engineering. He holds Ph.D from Marquette University, Wisconsin. Dr. Zheng has successfully advised high school students in SAT preparation, college application preparation as well as career strategy and management.

Ms. Grace graduated from Jiao Tong University, and holds Master degrees in Physics and Electrical & Computer Engineering. She has over 18 years of college campus experience. She provides counseling to high school students on extracurricular activities and college admission applications. Her students were admitted to MIT, Stanford, Yale and other top colleges. 

Ms. Alice graduated from Georgetown University Magna Cum Laude with Finance & International Business majors. She worked as a Career Information Specialist at Georgetown Career Center, providing mock interviews and guidance to college students’ professional development. She works for PwC’s Management Consulting Advisory Division and National Quality Forum.