Math and Science Talented Program

English, Math, and Science will help 7-8th graders apply for CTY (Johns Hopkins) talent search, TIP (Duke) 7th Grade Talent Search, and private schools. Applying to these programs involves taking above-grade level tests such as the ACT and SAT. Our students have received admission to St. Paul’s School, Potomac Private School, National Cathedral School, and Flint Hill School.

English review will use ACT practice problems and tests to improve advanced critical reading, essay writing, and grammatical skills.

Math review will include arithmetic review (number properties, factors, divisibility, fractions, decimals, exponents, radicals, percent, averages, ratios, proportions, rates, and probability), algebra review (word problems), and geometry review. The math instructor will also teach challenging problems from Mathcounts and AMC competitions. 

Science review includes advanced ACT testing materials. Students will practice reading science passages, analyzing experiments, and interpreting graphs.

The students will grow to become critical and analytical readers, advanced writers, confident speakers, and future leaders. They will carry what they learned from the classroom – collaboration, creativity, critical thinking – with them into high school and college. 



Contacts:; 571-354-7199