• Teenagers’ challenges in High School
  • Teenagers’ Anxiety and Peer Pressure
  • Time Management, how to achieve a good balance between study, social, and sleeping time
  • Resilience to handle high pressure in a competitive environment
  • Parent-children relationships


This Oakton Academy strong believes in parenting. While students are having classes, we form a parents’ club to share parenting books, issues, and topics. In the past years, many parents have enjoyed the club and feel re-charged after inspirational and encouraging books together as parents. Books include: “5 Love Language for Teenagers;” “7 Habits for Teenagers;” “The Gifts of Imperfection,”


教育孩子, 了解现代学生环境, 处境和困境, 把握好机会, 更有效地引导孩子, 知心, 贴心的现代父母


教育孩子是一门艺术因着我们的分享和学习,让许许多多的孩子,更加宽松,美好,更加活泼,阳光地成长,也让父母更有智慧和能力,更有耐心和信心与孩子们一同享受孩子成长的过程.过家长,老师,家们的讨论,探究,让大家更深入了解现代学生环境,处境和困境,把握好机会和时间,更有效地引导孩子, 现代父母,知心贴心的父母,善解孩子的父母 .



Parenting Topics Include:


  • Topic 1 – “Teenagers’ Seven Habits” -青少年七种好习惯
  • Topic 2 – “5 Love Languages for Teenagers” – 用五种“爱”的语言与孩子沟通
  • Topic 3 – Harvard Educational Objectives – 哈佛大学教育理念 - 追求6个C
  • Topic 4 – Facts about Teen and Young Adults’ brain development & their maturity level: surprising find from Neuroscience Research Reports -青少年大脑发育和成长状况是家长们所理解和期望的吗?
  • Topic 5 – Leadership and organizational skills, Community Service; Summer Enrichment Programs in Science, Art, Music, Sports, Governor school, College-based programs – 组织能力,领导能力,社区服务,义工;暑期活动的选择
  • Topic 6 – 10 STRENGTHS which Colleges are looking for from HS students – 大学录取过程中期望看到怎样的高中生呢?
  • Topic 7 – Life – Time Habits and Discipline (Books, Fields, Family, Faith & Friends) – 终身朋友 包括图书馆和运动场,家庭,信仰和朋友
  • Topic 8 – Challenges all High school students are dealing with: 青少年在高中阶段所面临的挑战:
    • Asian (Chinese) /American Cultural Difference -中美文化认同和碰撞
    • Parents’ and familys’ Expectations & Conflicts – 家长期待和学生现状
    • Peer pressure: friends, dress, social media, electronic device (i-pad, cell phone) 来自同学,和社会同龄人的压力
    • Anxiety issues in HS (study, sports, social) – 来自学习,运动,社交中的压力
    • HS dating issue and guidance – 高中约会现象,朝流, 和需注意事项
    • Standard tests anxiety (SAT, AP, ACT) – 高中通考压力,如何降压,如何准备
    • College admission and application anxiety -大学入学申请和录取过程中的焦虑
    • Strategy for parents to communicate with Teenagers -家长如何更好地与孩子沟通


    Review The Book of  “爱在左,管教在右” (作者:金韵蓉)

    现在学习做更好的妈妈,正好来得及!  家中需要更多的正能量,包括:

    • 常常感恩,面带笑容和正能量,面对一切状况
    • 心怀感激,来吃饭,来做事, 来与家人,老师相处
    • 亲子游玩:与孩子读书,做科学实验,去公园,图书馆,博物馆,户外活动
    • 不贪睡,不贪电视,不贪网页,今日事,今日毕
    • 做事不拖拉,做小孩的好榜样 培养良善的好习惯,健全人格和品德
    • 学习, 生活, 运动
    • 与人交往, 关爱家人和别人
    • 时间管理
    • 思考, 探究
    • 解决问题,处理矛盾,等等好习惯