SAT Physics Test Prep


This is a SAT subject test review and prep class. It is assumed that the students have already taken Honored Physics, AP Physics 1 & 2, or AP Physics C Mechanics and E&M. This course is designed to help high school students get ready to take SAT Physics Subject Test in May, 2016. The review class will focus on the Core Physics Concepts covered in SAT test; and on improving problem solving skills and speed.

Additionally, the review class and curriculum will cover subjects areas that are not covered in base school’s AP Physics, but is required to know in SAT Physics Test.  As we all know that AP Physics C is the most challenging AP course for high school Physics curriculum, it still leaves students the gaps of subjects areas that is NEEDED in their SAT Physics test, such as Physical Optics, Thermodynamics I, Thermodynamics II, Thermal Properties, modern physics, etc.  



  • Kinematics
  • Dynamics
  • Energy and momentum
  • Circular motion
  • Simple harmonic motion
  • Gravity

Electricity and magnetism

  • Electric fields, forces, and potentials
  • Capacitance
  • Circuit elements
  • Magnetism

Waves and optics

  • General wave properties
  • Reflection and refraction
  • Ray optics
  • Physical optics

Heat and thermodynamics

  • Thermal properties
  • Laws of thermodynamics

Modern physics

  • Quantum phenomena
  • Atomic
  • Nuclear and particle physics
  • Relativity


  • General
  • Analytical skills
  • Contemporary physics

Text Book: Barron’s SAT Physics Subject Test (required); Princeton’s SAT Physics Subject Test (optional)


Saturday (12 – 3 pm), March – May *SAT physics

Sunday (4-6 pm), January – May* AP Physics

Instructor:  Dr. Frank Lu is an experienced teacher with a PhD in Physics & Artificial Intelligence (AI) . He received degrees from Fudan University, University of Maryland, and Duke University. Dr. Lu taught college students at UMBC (MD), and American University (DC). He also tutored and taught students from TJ, Oakton, and Langley High Schools as well as other private schools. His students haved received excellent scores in SAT Physics (760, 780, 800) and AP Physics (5).

Dr. Lu’s unique instructional method and teaching style includes many question and problem solving sessions, sharpening students’ understanding of key concepts, enabling students to apply those concepts to solve real Physics problems in life, and building a solid foundation for the rigorous SAT and AP Physics Test.

From 2014 to 2018, some of Dr. Lu’s AP and SAT Physics students reported their admission to top schools, including Harvard, Yale, Stanford, U. Chicago, U. of Pennsylvania, Duke, Johns Hopkins, NYU (Stern), UC Berkeley, Swarthmore, Georgetown, and other top colleges. Congratulations to those outstanding students!!!


Sunday Location: Westfield High School/HCS (Chantilly Campus)

Saturday Location: 2705 Hunter Mill Rd, VA 22124

Contact:; 571-354-7199 for questions. Thank you!