New SAT, New PSAT Test Prep Class:
  • SAT and PSAT review for high school students from TJ, Langley, McLean, Oakton, Madison, Centreville, Chantilly in Northern Virginia, as well as those in Loudoun County.
  • Ms. Murphy is highly recognized and recommended by local parents and students, who appreciate and enjoy her teaching style, her dedication, her one to one coaching in English language and SAT Learning.
English Program:
  • New SAT Prep, New PSAT Prep
  • English Advanced Reading and Writing (4th – 8th Grade)
  • English Classics, Literature, Shakespeare, Poetry, Drama, Play
  • English Critical Reading & Writing (9th grade – 11th grade)
  • Literature Appreciation (Shakespeare’s workshop)
  • Children’s Shakespeare (5-9th grade)
  • Children’s Reading Club (5th – 8th grade)
Honors Physics, AP Physics, Math Program:
  • Physics Class (9th grade)
  • AP Physics Class (10th or 11th grade)
  • SAT Physics Review and Test Prep (11th or 12th grade)
  • Algebra 1, Algebra 2 (6th, 7th, 8th grade)
  • Advanced Algebra II, Data Analysis, Trigonometry (8th, 9th grade)
Volunteer Opportunities:
  • Youth Group Volunteering Projects (Food & Friends; Stop Hunger Program)
  • Music Performance (fund raising activities for underprivileged children, Nepal Earthquake Support, etc. )
  • Children’s Reading Club (Volunteering opportunities for HS students)
  • Children’s performance /drama club
College Application Workshop:
  • Introduction to the complicated process of college application
  • Help develop HS students’ skill and strategy to essay writing
  • How to approach Common Application Form
  • Application Sample Review & Analysis
  • How to identifying reaching/matching/backup schools
College Application Consulting:
  • Initial assessment and evaluation on students’ profile
  • Provide advice on academic enrichment, exploring leadership, engaging in community services, building up special talents
  • Identify, select and finalize list of colleges; the goal for consulting is to help parent and student identify and apply for the best FIT college
  • 10 strengths that colleges are looking for from HS students
  • Application timeline and planning (include 1:1 consulting)
  • Common Application Form review and completion
  • Essay writing review (**Students must write their own essays, to speak in their own language and show their own voice, to demonstrate their own stories. It is very critical in the process)
Parenting Consulting:
  • Parenting Workshop (Special Topic Discussion and Books Review)
  • Parenting Seminars, special guest speakers
  • Marathon’s Spirit: Discipline, Determined, Dedicated
  • Habits (study, social, daily life): 7 Habits for Teenagers
  • Time Management & Priorities
  • Communication: 5 Love Languages for teenagers
  • Teenagers’ Challenging Issues (social, peer pressure, device use, stress, brain development, etc.)