9/10 Grade Critical Reading, Advanced Pre-AP English

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The Critical Reading & Writing, Advanced Pre-AP English course is an intensive,  advanced reading and intensive writing skill-based class designed to enable students to excel on standardized exams, such as PSAT, ACT, and future SAT English sections. Activities enhancing language skills will not only prepare them for these exams, but will also enable them to prepare academically for advanced high school courses, such as AP English, and future college writing assignments.

Many students achieved high scores in SAT, PSAT, ACT commented that the CRW (Critical Reading/Writing) class helped them a lot.  For the second semester, SAT Reading, or/and Pre-AP English materials will be included in this class to help students get ready for both SAT English or/and AP English. 


Contact:  (571) 354-7199; or oaktonacademy@gmail.com for any additional questions.

“感谢Oakton Academy 给孩子提供了一个进深提高的平台。孩子特别赞赏 critical reading and writing class,老师严谨的教学态度,循序渐进的教学方法,使孩子在阅读和写作方面得到系统并针对性的训练,开阔了阅读的眼界和写作的思路,这些对孩子能取得SAT的理想成绩绝对打下了良好的基础。非常感谢 ! ” – A note from a former junior’s parent  (the student successfully graduated from Duke 2022)

“Thanks Oakton Academy for providing this effective and personalized class. My son told me that he received 1:1 review session from the teacher, and that helped him a lot in identifying his weakness and improvement area. Thank you! John will continue the class next semester.”  – from a parent (2022 fall semester) 

“The instructor’s one to one coaching and editing my writings in this class helped me greatly, I am very pleased to receive high scores in my other classes, such as World History.” – from a sophomore 

“I really enjoyed Ms. Murphy’s class. Her interaction with students, her unique teaching style, and the small size of the class helped me greatly in developing critical reading skills. I will not get the same quality of learning from a large size class at school.” – from a sophomore @ TJ

“Over the summer, I learned the process of writing from Ms. Laura. It it helpful for me to incorporate the writing skills and strategy into my SAT prep.” – from a freshman @ Chantilly HS

A parent: “My son hardly likes English teachers. But he said he likes the teacher. He took the summer PSAT/SAT camp in July,  and he decided to sign up for the Critical Reading and Writing class in the Fall.”  – a sophomore @ TJ

A parent: “My daughter chatted with me, that from China to USA, from elementary to high school, she said the instructor is one of her most favorite teachers…She has music competition this semester, she would like to sign for the Spring semester.” – a sophomore @ Langley HS

A parent: “Each time, John walked home, he would say, Ms. Murphy taught me something new today. We are happy to see him do the writing assignment every week from Ms. Murphy’s assignment, and he re-writes it to submit for teacher’s additional review.” – a parent from @ Oakton HS

“I learned how to start, organize, structure, and write a dissertation after three months’ training and learning in this Critical Reading & Writing Class. The final presentation is the highlight of what we learned throughout the semester. I would recommend Ms. Murphy to my friends.” – a freshman @ Woodson HS

“I received 1480 for my October PSAT test (perfect score is 1520 PSAT). I am so thrilled and would like to thank Oakton Academy for all the help in my summer PSAT/SAT camp. I am now aiming for a perfect score for SAT. Thank you for all your help! – a sophomore @ TJ

“I am a freshman at Oakton HS, and I was so honored to be selected by my teacher school to be the English tutor. I wanted to thank Oakton Academy to provide the high quality of English program. As a non-native speaker who just arrived at USA for about 2 years, I have improved my English language skills with great help from your Critical Reading & Writing class, as well as the Public Speaking class. Thank you!” – a freshman @ Oakton HS

“I am very impressed to watch the final presentation that the students delivered today. They deep dived to the “critical reading” and delivered their learning summary in such a confident way. Very good! My son will continue with the spring semester. Thank you! – a freshman’s parent