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Online SAT, PSAT, TJ Prep, AP Calculus, AP Physics, AP Chemistry; Reading, Creative Writing, College Application, and College Essays

Congratulations to our students who received the perfect SAT score 800/800. Congratulations to Jason W. and his family! 

Congratulations to our 2020 Graduates! Top Universities and Colleges Admission Offer includes the following as of March 27, 2020: 
Brown (2)
Carnegie Mellon (2) 
Cornell (2) 
Georgia Tech
Johns Hopkins  (2)
Notre Dame
Penn State
U Chicago
U Penn
U Michigan
UVA (> 10)
Virginia Tech
Washington U. St. Louise
William and Mary
**A few other SAT Students reported their admission to Naval Academy, MIT, Columbia. Congratulations to them and their families.
**The above list was updated as of 3/27/2020. A complete admission list and report will be updated in May. Congratulations to our seniors 2020. You are the BEST!
We have successfully launched Online Classes in reaction to the special challenging situation. We wish you and family stay healthy and strong!
2020 Online Classes (Sunday, in session) *
  • PSAT/SAT English, 2-4 pm 
  • PSAT/SAT Math (Algebra/Geometry/Trig), 4-5 pm
  • SAT Math II Subject (Pre-Calculus), 5-6 pm
  • 5/6th Grade Advanced Reading & Writing, 4-5 pm
  • 7/8th Grade Advanced Reading & Writing, 5-6 pm  
  • 8th Grader, 11th and 12th graders won 2019 Scholastic Writing Awards!!!
  • 9/10th Grade Advanced Reading & Writing (Required reading for SAT)
  • AP Physics Introduction, 4-6 pm
  • AP Calculus Weekly Review, 2- 3 pm
  • Advanced Algebra 2 / Trigonometry / Data Analysis (*for Advanced math students)

2020 Online Classes (Saturday, in Session) 

  • TJ Test Prep for 7th Graders
  • TJ Freshmen Algebra 2 (Advanced)
  • New **Criticial Reading and Writing for 9/10th Grade (good foundation for SAT, PSAT, ACT, and AP English)
  • 6-8th Grade Advanced Writing
  • 4/5th, 5/6th, 7/8th Advanced/Classic Reading & Writing 
  • 9/10th Critical Reading/Writing
  • College Application Essay Workshop (Juniors)
  • Juniors’ Package/Students Profile Preparation 
  • College Admission Interview, appointment only
  • Registration Website:


Telephone: 571-354-7199, or voice message 
Saturday @ 2705 Hunter Mill Road, Oakton/Vienna

Sunday @ Westfield HS, 4700 Stonecroft Blvd, Chantilly

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2019 AP Test Schedule: AP Exam Test Dates

Free Educational Seminar on November 2 (Saturday 1 – 3 pm) @ Oakton Academy

免费教育讲座: 了解现代学生环境, 处境和困境, 把握好机会, 更有效地引导孩子, 做知心和贴心的现代父母! 讲座课题包括:  

教育孩子是一门艺术, 因着我们的分享和学习, 让孩子们更加活, 更加阳光地成, 让父母们更有智慧和能力,更有耐心和信心, 与孩子们一同享受成长的过程.

  • 青少年在现代社会和学校里所面临的挑战
  • 亲子关系,长如何更好地与孩子沟
  • 大学申请几年级开始?面试重要吗? 文书写作重要吗?
  • 2019-2020大学录取招生最新要
  • SAT,PSAT,AP 考核几年级开始准备?
  • TJ SIS写作的重要性
  • 如何培养孩子阅读,写作,演讲,辩论能力? 如何提高口头表达能力

本系列讲座属免费公益讲座, 欢迎您和您的孩子来参加


经验丰富的家长和老师们!  他们孩子已高中毕业, 正在大学/研究生院读书 (包括MIT, CMU, Princeton, UVA, W & M, U. Chicago, Duke, Cornell等院校). 他们将亲临现场, 与到会朋友和家长们一起研讨和分享亲子教育心得体会. 机不可失.