Annual Music Fundraiser

Annual Music Fundraising @ Oakton Academy

INOVA Children’s Hospital Thank You Letter:

Thank you all for your contribution to INOVA Children’s Hospital!

Oakton Academy Students-led Volunteering Team invites you to join our Annual Music Performance Fundraiser Event to support the INOVA Children’s Hospital! INOVA is the LARGEST Health Care Service Provider in Northern Virginia, with an expansive hospital, primary, secondary, and emergency care network.

The annual fundraising raised about $5640 in the past two years ($3140 in 2020 and $2500 in 2021), all of which went directly to INOVA Hospital (Emergency Preparedness Department and L.J. Murphey Children’s Hospital) to help support the medical services provided at INOVA. In previous years, the annual fundraiser event supported an Orphanage Group in Fuzhou, China: Hidden Treasure Home:

Below is the Performance and Free Ticket Link: Your generous contribution to the event is greatly appreciated. Any donation of $10, $15, $25, and $50 will make a big difference. Together, we bring HEALTH, HOPE, and JOY to the INOVA hospital.

Thank you for your generous contribution to this student-led fundraiser. Please contact with any questions!

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