Science, Reading, Writing, and Public Speaking (5-7th Grade)

5-7th Grade Science/Reading/Writing/Public Speaking
9 am – 5 pm

Week 1 Jun 17- Jun 21

Week 2 Jul 24 – Jul 28

Week 3 Jul 1 – Jul 5

Week 4 Jul 8 – Jul 12

Each day, our teachers will conduct science experiments with students, such as using pickle as battery, dish wash liquid to make clouds, DNA extraction, using celery for plant biology, and many other interesting science experiments, including:

  • Density: Measurement and calculations
  • Water: What are properties of water?
  • pH: cabbage experiment
  • Egg drop project: What is gravity
  • Terrarium – Learn about different environment (survival)
  • Roller coaster tubing: speed and acceleration
  • Balloons launcher: Precision & Accuracy
  • Cells: making a cell out of recyclable items
  • Tongue Depressor Harmonica: Learn about waves and sounds
  • Bottle Rocket: What is pressure & force?
  • Cooling system: Learn about temperature control
  • Creating ice cream
  • Genetics: Mendelian Genetics
  • DNA: What is DNA

Every day, our teachers work on critical reading, grammar, vocabulary, creative writing or essay crafting, and public speaking. We aim to train our students to become avid readers, advanced writers, curious scientists, and confident public speakers.

The advanced writing and enriched reading curriculum is designed for advanced readers and writers who are exceptional 6-8th graders.  Students will exercise their developing critical reading and thinking skills to interpret and write stories, essays, and poems. The curriculum aims to develop students’ ability in:

  • Critical thinking
  • Creativity in problem solving
  • Collaboration in team work and projects
  • Connecting the dots across subjects and topics

This summer camp is rewarding and praised by both parents and students. We helps students build up interest in science, gain exposure to classical literature and language art, and become confident public speakers.

  • Summer Science Camp
  • Summer Reading/Writing/Math Camp
  • Summer Public Speaking Camp 

Daily Public Speaking Practice: 

    • Develop speaking ability in front of an audience without stage fright
    • Organize a message or a speech by structuring and adapting material to audience
    • Convey a message orally with clarity, accuracy, and conviction
    • Develop appropriate hand gestures, eye contact, and posture
    • Develop enthusiasm and active participation in class or club activities
    • Create valuable relationships with other students and teachers
    • Increase self-confidence in all aspects: speaking, communicating, writing, etc.
    • Develop effective communication skills and leadership abilities, build up interest and confidence in pursuing leadership roles in middle and high school, in clubs leadership roles, and in community services, as well as future in college

Location: 2705 Hunter Mill Road, Oakton/Vienna, VA 22124

Contact Us:; 571-354-7199